Monday, November 21, 2016

Some thoughts on Brexit and EPA

Tanzania seems to be more or less backing out of the EAC EPA with the EU over the Brexit vote among other economic reasons. The UK as a state is a signatory to the EPA agreement in addition to the European community and other EU member states. Hence the EPA agreement is of a bilateral character in relation to the UK. However EPAs are also  mixed agreements concluded ‘of the one part’ by the EU and its Member States and, ‘of the other part’, the ACP signatory. In this regard the rolling over of EU FTA arrangements so that they continue to apply to the UK and the ACP signatory only after Brexit shouldn't be difficult for ACP signatories to negotiate with the UK. Some call it negotiating for EPA equivalence with the UK. This kind of “rolling over” of treaty obligations is a familiar process in international law and shouldn't be a bottleneck for Tanzania or the ACP Member States in the short to medium term. However it may involve and allow for renegotiation of at least some of the EPA provisions.

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